Digital Media Is An Essential Marketing Mix Element

By: Ried Cartwright
Creative Director, Curiosity Advertising

Digital Media is the redheaded stepchild in most creative departments.

It’s true—at least at most traditional marketing agencies. And this is a big miss. Creatives get into the business of marketing to express, create and, ultimately, receive some internal self-worth from sharing the thoughts and ideas that come out of their needy brains.

And digital media is exactly the fix we should be embracing. Instant gratification. What’s more, most agencies stink at it. It’s wide-open space. You can do almost anything in here. It’s wildly forgiving. Stay away from Hitler, sexism, racism and any of the other obvious no-fly zones, and you’ll be fine.

Of course, it’s no TV shoot. There’s no boutique-hotel stay, no production-house swag, but you do get to do exactly what got you into this business. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of this point.

So, who has the best digital marketing campaigns? 

Some people who are doing a great job at incorporating digital media into their marketing mix: Denny’s, IKEA, Moosejaw. Moosejaw?

Digital Marketing

Yeah. So over the holiday break, I had some time. Obviously a lot of time, because I found myself reading a Moosejaw catalog. No one reads anymore. But I was. And I was immensely rewarded. It’s nuts. I’m not even sure the owners of Moosejaw read their catalog. Their writer is killing it. Yes, I’m well aware that a paper catalog is not digital media, but I checked out their social sites as well, and it’s very entertaining stuff. They made a connection. They are top of mind. They win.


So listen up, creatives—come down off your high horse and get in on some of this action. It’s easy, fun, and it’s what you do.

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