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Beauty Doesn’t Come for Free

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I recently read an article about how the selfie and other social media trends are redefining women’s approach to beauty. It described how celebrities and the “no makeup selfie” are encouraging women to embrace their natural beauty. On the other hand, millennials are also putting on full faces of makeup to achieve that perfect selfie. As a result, the beauty industry is thriving, with social mentions of online retailers for beauty and skincare increasing 11 times faster than mentions of traditional cosmetics. This got me thinking about how the beauty industry benefits when thinking about my own social media habits, specifically on Instagram.

Food in the Air Nails

Anyone who’s on Instagram has seen a version of the picture of food in the air, such as when someone holds up an ice cream cone to a pretty background. In fact, I took one yesterday and posted it on my Instagram. Notice the thumb nail pictured in front is always manicured to perfection. While I enjoy manicures for the pampering experience, it’s also nice in case my nails get a photo opp.

Makeup Selfie Eyebrow Palette

Selfies—you take them, I take them, and Barack Obama takes them. Selfies are an opportunity to highlight your best features. For instance, bloggers and vloggers on social media inspired me to buy an eyebrow palette so that, like them, my eyebrows are always on fleek when taking selfies.

No Makeup Selfie Face Mask

Despite what the name implies, it takes a lot of work to achieve the perfect no-makeup selfie. Natural comes at a price. My beauty regimen consists of creams, lotions, and masks to preserve my skin and make it appear more radiant when I’m not wearing makeup.

What does this mean?

Our hair, skin, and nails are everywhere on social media. In an age where every outing is an opportunity for a photo op, beauty advertisers can market their products by communicating how their products fit into social media trends.


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