Advertisers and Consumers Benefit Big from Video Marketing

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Marketers are pouring their money into digital video ads for social media platforms. Lucrative brands like Lexus achieved great success when it ran video ads on Facebook, reaching more than 11.2 million users. The following is an outline of the benefits of video advertising on various social media platforms for advertisers and consumers.


Benefits to Advertiser: If a marketer wishes to place a video ad on Facebook, they will have access to extensive demographic data for targeting. Video ads posted straight to users’ News Feeds automatically enjoy high levels of viewership and can offer direct links to the product.

Benefits to Consumer: Facebook’s expansive knowledge about its members means less work for consumers trying to find interesting products and services. Have you been researching vacation packages in Hawaii? Here is a resort with great deals that you may have missed.


Benefits to Advertiser: Twitter is the most attractive platform for advertisers to create buzz during big events such as the Superbowl and television show premiers. Brands that use video advertisement via Twitter also enjoy real-time feedback and interaction with consumers, allowing them to optimize their marketing strategy (Ragan).

Benefits to Consumer: Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows us to have a conversation with companies in response to their video advertisements. This gives account holders a great deal of power if, for instance, we are unsatisfied with the company’s product or customer service.


Benefits to Advertiser: YouTube said one of its strengths is that people visit the site to preview things they intend to purchase (Mercury News). With six billion hours of video viewed every month, the 2nd largest search engine has tremendous influence over consumers (Mushroom Networks).

Benefits to Consumer: 85% of YouTube’s TrueView in-stream ads are skippable (YouTube). The infamous “You can skip in 5s” button means more creative ads to convince us not to put our cursor where the skip button is.


Benefits to Advertiser: Instagram levels the playing field by allowing only 15 seconds per video advertisement. Therefore, success depends on the creativity of the advertisement and successful targeting.

Benefits to Consumer: Instagram users like me place a great deal of emphasis on aesthetically-pleasing pictures. Therefore, Instagram users may forgive the intrusion on their Instagram feeds if advertisers can produce interesting visual content. Meanwhile, users still have the ability to hide ads and provide feedback.

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