The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed after work, smiling at cute animal videos and liking friends’ life updates. I came upon an ad that caught my attention with the words, “Buy your mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Donate school for a year to an underprivileged woman.” Oops! I had forgotten that Mother’s Day was less than two weeks away... / Read More

As 2017 is in full swing, the digital ad space will continue to expand and advance, creating more opportunities for advertisers and marketers alike to play within the ad field. Consumers are media multitaskers; always connected and always on. The tech world is constantly introducing new and innovative devices and platforms to the market increasing the number of smartphone users in the U.S... / Read More

Google recently announced they will be updating their search ranking algorithm to punish websites that use invasive interstitial advertisements on mobile websites. The update will be rolled out on Jan 10th 2017, and will be lowering the search ranking of websites that use these interstitial advertisements that block out content on mobile platforms... / Read More

Mobile is the now and future of search engine marketing. Last year there were more searches happening on mobile devices than on desktop, and the need for mobile search optimization has never been more essential. To help achieve better results there are quite a few different tools to manage and optimize your SEM campaigns, without having to segment each device and risk hurting campaign performance or managing each device-specific campaign individually... / Read More

YouTube is known for its never-ending collection of comical cats and hilarious post-anesthesia meltdowns. But move over, Keyboard Cat and make room for branded content! YouTube has quickly become millennials’ go-to source for entertainment and information. The video hosting and sharing site reaches more millennials than any cable network in the U.S. With millennials making up more than one-third of the population, it’s easy to see why advertisers should be looking to YouTube... / Read More

User engagement helps marketers understand how users interact with their site by analyzing the time spent on site, flow of activity and clicks as the user browses through content. Analyzing time on site, tracking clicks driven to a brand page, or capturing user information via on-page forms are all important starting points in assessing content... / Read More

Remember the first moment that you remember movie magic? Mine was watching a T. rex tear through a fence in the middle of a tropical storm on Isla Nublar. Jurassic Park is still one of my favorite films, because it showed me a world I always wanted to imagine would be reality, and there it was, happening right in front of me. When I think of the way video marketing is going, I think of Jurassic Park. Not because it features prehistoric chomping dinos, but because it offers up a story that... / Read More

Today, the use of mobile devices is at its highest number, increasing on all platforms and continuously being the main point of contact for consumers of digital media.  Of course, advertisers and marketers are well aware of these digital marketing trends, and the reliance consumers have on their mobile devices. eMarketer predicts that the number of smartphone users will increase by 8.7% in 2016, and as a result, location-based services are expected to rise at near equal pace... / Read More

The digital landscape is an ever-evolving form of advertising that allows brands to continually get smarter with their online targeted advertising. One aspect that has continued to evolve is personalized retargeting, from both visitors to your site as well as new opportunities with CRM. The goal of retargeting is to drive an already interested or informed consumer back to your site to convert an action. / Read More

1. Programmatic TV will come close to being a $1 Billion market in the U.S. this year[1], and is predicted to account for $10 Billion of TV budgets by 2019 [2]. 2. Globally, a minimum growth of 1.5x in total video streams for the 2016 Rio Olympics is estimated, which translates into 2.85 billion worldwide video streams. For the U.S. alone, a 2x growth in total digital video advertising streams is expected... / Read More

With Rio 2016 quickly approaching, the inspiring and patriotic television ads grow in frequency. Behemoths of sport Nike and Gatorade have begun their large scale TV ad campaigns.  With exclusive coverage of the games, NBC is impressively bullish on the exposure of the Olympics, “the biggest event in media history,” with both live streaming and television coverage according to NBC Sports Chairman... / Read More

Digital video is wonderful content that can do many amazing things for a brand—educate, simplify, elicit emotion, tell compelling stories, change perceptions, etc. However, I have heard so many companies say, “I spent tens of thousands of dollars on a video, and it didn’t work.”  When trying to understand WHY it didn’t work, more often than not, the video was posted to their website/YouTube channel... / Read More

This year, 164 million U.S. internet users will stream video content through a connected TV, and this number is predicted to reach 200 million by 2019. Consumer habits are shifting—they’re choosing to stream videos so they can control how and when they watch. Marketers need to mirror this shift. The trouble is, more than half of media buyers don’t know how to purchase it. / Read More

Globally, the rise in ad blocking grew 41% year-over-year, with 16% of the U.S. online population blocking digital ads during Q2 2015—equating to45 million people refusing digital and mobile advertising. The effects of ad blocking are substantial, with an estimated $10.7 billion loss for the industry in 2015. So, the question remains—what will marketers do differently to navigate the digital and mobile advertising landscape in 2016? Some marketers are fighting. / Read More

In the last 16 years, we’ve gone from a 24-hour news cycle to a 24-minute news cycle to a 24-second news cycle. This election, deemed the Snapchat election, is an ephemeral way of referring to the shrinking attention span of the American consumer. More than half of U.S. political ad agency professionals anticipate advertising budget increases of up to 20% in the 2016 election. / Read More

If you’re planning any online advertising, you should be aware of the top performing ad sizes and which will be the most effective for your digital advertising campaign. Unfortunately, there’s not one universal banner ad size that performs best across the board, but there are a few standouts that take top honors. The options seem endless when looking at ad sizes—should you go with a standard banner, leaderboard, square... / Read More

Flash is dead. For many years, Flash was the go-to creative for advertisers. It was simple, easy to make, would animate just like an HTML file, and it was significantly cheaper to produce. Ever since the start of Flashmageddon, we have been preparing for Google to reject flash/.swf banners completely.  In February 2016, Google announced that they will no longer be accepting flash/.swf banners, starting June 1, 2016. / Read More

Today, more than 84% of U.S. adults are connected to the internet, enabling us to communicate, share photos, look up news and information, and conduct business across the country and around the world. As a result, we have seen more technological developments impacting digital marketing in the past ten years than ever before. And in the next five years, we’ll see the number of advancements grow and evolve. / Read More

My friend and I were talking about how we rarely go to the movie theatres anymore. Why? Because even though we’re sitting in front of a giant movie screen, we have to put away our phones. The choice is between giant movie screens that require our complete attention on one task, which is watching a movie, versus phones, which give us a million different options. Our discussion made me realize how hard it is for most. / Read More

It’s no secret that Nielsen and comScore, used by media planning companies, are battling it out to become the leader of cross-screen media measurement, and speculation was fueled by last September’s announcement that comScore was merging with Rentrak. Nielsen has had a stranglehold on the top spot for some time. But with this merger the pressure is on, as both companies see the need to measure. / Read More

Marketers know your internet behavior, patterns, and interests in the blink of an eye. It’s like they’re watching your every move. Have you ever been served an ad that makes it seem like the advertiser knows you? You can thank behavioral targeting for that. Targeting media companies and third-party data providers analyze our internet behaviors, seeking out as much information as possible. / Read More

Let’s be real: ‘Big Data’ is an overused term that basically says, “We have a bunch of data—so much so that we don’t even know what to do with it.” It’s a clear reminder to marketers that we still struggle with properly capturing it, and when we do, the obstacles of organizing and analyzingit are more real than ever. / Read More

Of course, being a mom is wonderful and has brought me more joy than I could ever imagine, but with all of that love and joy comes a whole lot of stuff. From diapers and wipes, to food and formula, it’s hard to remember it all. I have a sweet 10 month old at home who lights up my life. And as my husband and I are preparing for our first trip without her. / Read More

Social Media marketing trends that we’ve seen take hold for the last year or so are expected to continue into 2016, with a new year bringing new ways for marketers to use social media to connect with their audiences. Relevant content will continue to be absolutely critical in 2016—the sun around which all the other trends will orbit—as consumers of all ages are expecting more from their digital devices: more interaction, more functionality, and more personalization. / Read More

Traditional advertising is becoming far too impersonal for the everyday millennial. More than half of all consumers who research products or brands learn about them on different social media platforms. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram taking over the digital landscape, what better way to get deep and personal with your prospective clients than to use these platforms? / Read More