Why Your In-House Marketing Team Needs an Ad Tech Partner


It can be challenging to decide how to handle your brand’s marketing. There are three choices: outsource everything, keep it entirely in-house, or use a combination of in-house marketing and ad tech partners to optimize your advertising efforts. While keeping everything in-house comes with many advantages, it also has key disadvantages that can prevent your company from reaching its full potential.


What's Holding Your In-House Marketing Team Back?

Having your own marketing team can be cost effective, provide greater control, and offer a greater understanding of your products or services. However, there are also some drawbacks. Your team is unlikely to have the breadth of skills, resources, and experience of a dedicated advertising technology partner, resulting in longer turnaround times.  

An advertising technology partner can alleviate those challenges by providing reliable experience necessary to target your audience effectively. They can uniquely serve ads and holistic media campaigns across your advertising platforms.

What Can an Ad Tech Partner Do and Why Should Agencies Care?

Advertising technology is designed to help businesses utilize their marketing budgets more efficiently. Since publishers focus on content rather than ad networks, ads may be placed alongside irrelevant content, which can be wasteful for your advertising budget. Partnering with an advertising tech company can ensure the success of your digital advertising efforts in reaching your customers across their ever-changing content consumption habits.

Benefits of Advertising Technology Strategies

Advertising technology strategies use influential high-level data that allows your partner to make more effective placements to position your ads when and where they are the most relevant. This method puts your ads in front of users at critical points along the buyer's journey, helping you grow your brand and customer base simultaneously




What to Look for in Your Future Advertising Tech Partner

Since in-house teams and advertising technology partners need to work together to be successful, there are a few things you should consider before choosing an ad tech partner. The goal should be to foster long-term relationships and deepen connections through innovative customization, frequent communications, and realistic expectations. 

Customized Creatives Across All Channels

Put yourself in your prospects' shoes and imagine seeing the identical ad on Facebook, then YouTube, then Hulu. Seeing the same ad across multiple platforms can hurt your brand by causing ad fatigue. When seeking an advertising technology partner, it is vital to ensure they use data interpretation to customize your creatives to each channel, varying things just enough to keep the message fresh and relevant.

Frequent Communication

Unlike traditional ad placement methods, advertising technology is not a “set it and forget it” approach. To ensure business success, look for a partner that provides frequent communication and check-in points to create a transparent working relationship. New integrations are always in development, so constant contact from start to finish is crucial.


Transparency & Expectations

If you want to benefit from custom, tailored solutions for your digital advertising needs, it’s imperative to look for a partner that focuses on results, is professional, and operates with integrity. Your advertising technology partner should be able to provide support for all your advertising needs, including custom data interpretation and reporting tools. Both parties should agree on a budget before any work is done to avoid surprises along the way.



Types of Advertising Technology for Reaching Your Target Audience

The most powerful technique to maximize your ad campaign's effectiveness is to use an advertising technology system that provides actionable insights, on-demand campaign viewing, and attribution reporting. MNI Targeted Media offers various proprietary digital media solutions tailored fit the bill.

Our Ad Tech Stack consists of data solutions and over-the-top (OTT) campaign optimizations to target your audience. We use a combination of data sources to build comprehensive individual profiles and provide clients with a powerful ad buying solutions:

The Omnipoint System 

Omnichannel marketing can reach consumers across all channels within the context of how they have previously interacted with your brand. The Omnipoint System provides real-time actionable insights that deliver highly targeted and optimized media plans using historical campaign-performance data, ad category segmentation, and geographic subtleties.


DMM harnesses the power of programmatic media buying to streamline communications, while simultaneously delivering managed campaign services. Programmatic advertising can help you reach a specific demographic in a particular location, instead of running a general ad and hoping the right people are watching (i.e. so-called, “spray and pray” marketing).


Motto is a programmatic ad-buying solution that can provide a visualization of real-time conversion indicators to show data such as foot traffic, site visits, online checkouts, and app installs. These indicators can be used to promote optimal campaign performance and maximize your ad spend ROI.

You can begin to drive more effective advertising campaigns by partnering with a trusted online media solutions partner. Contact MNI Targeted Media to learn more about how our Ad Tech Stack can drive your campaign results.

About the author.

@JaninePollack is the Integrated Marketing Director at MNI Targeted Media and is the content development lead for Fortune Knowledge Group.