Why Big Data is Important for Marketers


By: Bethany Shocki

Marketers in every industry are focused on Big Data—what it is, where to get it, and what to do with it.

That’s why we created the 2017 Data Download. It’s filled with actionable information and insights about how marketers can make Big Data work for them, their brands, and their clients. It’s everything marketers need to put their data to work to deliver real business value and gain a competitive edge. Here’s an excerpt from our most recent original content piece:

“In recent years, Millennials—and their $200 billion in annual buying power—have been a hot target audience for marketers to reach. We know this audience is brand loyal, socially influenced, and tech-savvy. Brands across categories, from CPG to automotive to luxury goods, are working to reach Millennials early in their buying cycle, to convert them into brand ambassadors for life. However, smart brands will dive deep into data analytics to understand—and if necessary, redefine—their target, based on research. These insights can be used to set effective targeting parameters for a digital ad campaign, and should also influence creative messaging to ensure campaign creative resonates with the audience.”

Want more? Download the full Data Download here and get big data solutions here.

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