TV vs Digital Advertising


The Future of TV Advertising

Advertising is an industry that’s constantly evolving, but TV has remained at the forefront for quite some time. With new tactics to target consumers and new ways to reach them, including online and on mobile devices, advertisers still put the bulk of their money into broadcast TV. This is something we expect might change in the very near future, as consumers spend more and more time on the internet.


Mobile Device Usage: Statistics While Watching TV


In 2017 it was determined that, on average, U.S. consumers spend over five hours a day on their mobile devices. With so much of consumers’ time spent looking at their phones, how can we expect the industry not to shift toward different mobile targeting tactics? It was also determined that consumers are spending more than ten hours a day in front of some kind of screen—whether it be a TV screen, phone screen, or computer screen. While TV does catch the eye of many consumers on a daily basis, so do their computers and mobile devices. Read more on media consumption statistics by generation.

How Much to Advertise on TV to make it Effective

With the above facts about consumer habits, we are seeing advertisers shifting money around more and more. Of course, TV still has the ability to reach large audiences, but now so does the internet. And online’s extensive targeting capabilities make it efficient and cost-effective. Advertisers, who once only devoted advertising spend to broadcast, are now entering the digital world and seeing huge success. Digital advertising works the data, and allows for specifics into consumer behavior. Attribution models show how audiences are interacting with ads more than we’ve ever been able to see before. Online ads can be highly personalized, allowing advertisers to customize their messages to hit specific audience segments. Consumers value this approach toward more targeted mobile advertising. Through retargeting, consumers are getting hit with ads that are relevant to things they like and have searched in the past, making for a better experience overall.

So remember: while TV is vital for its reach, successful campaigns are multi-platform, combining TV’s reach with the unmatched targeting ability and personalization of online.

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