8 Things Marketers Need to Know About Targeting the Travel Market

There is a new travel agent in town, and her name is the internet. She facilitates consumer travel choices: where to stay, what to do, and how to get there at the click of a button. How consumers use the internet as their new travel agency to plan their travel depends heavily on the type of traveler and the type of trip that traveler is looking to take. Savvy travel brands rely on audience segmentation to divide their messaging and conquer their marketing goals.

With innovative online targeted advertising technologies, including the analysis of historical travel patterns and behavioral research, travel marketers can effectively sort their targeted audience by type, helping to provide them with faster and smarter planning for their next vacation. Audience segments such as the Business Traveler, the Family Vacationers, the Friends’ Getaway, and the International Jetsetter, plan their getaways differently, and travel brands have opportunity to connect with them through effective targeted marketing at different stages of their planning cycle.

Now You’re Getting Somewhere

Each segment engages in different activities while online, and understanding the differences will help you drill down on where to reach your desired audience.

To stand out from all the clutter and the competition, travel companies should target their audience at the first step of their planning. Here are 4 travel market segmentation examples and insights about each from travel industry research plus 4 additional tips to get you started:

  1. 92% of Business Travelers access the internet, with 87% turning to their mobile device to go online. They make travel plans and business purchases, and track investments and trade stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  2. Business Travelers are three times more likely to book their trip less than three months in advance. They are more likely to travel between January through March and October through December.
  3. 90% of Family Vacationers are internet users, with 79% turning to their phone to go online. They pay bills, get the latest news and current events, and look for recipes.
  4. Family Vacationers plan their trip three to six months in advance. They prefer to vacation during the summer months.
  5. 88% of Friends’ Getaway Travelers access the internet, with 77% using their mobile device to go online. They make travel plans, visit blogs, and get financial information.
  6. Friends’ Getaway Travelers are making their travel plans more than six months in advance. They prefer to travel April through June.
  7. 92% of International Jetsetters are internet users, with 77% turning to their mobile phone to go online. They make travel plans, track investments, and trade stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and also get real estate information.
  8. International Jetsetters plan their trips three to six months in advance and are more likely to travel January through March.

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Source: 2015 Fall GfK MRI.