The 8 Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

The Blogs Blog, Second Edition

Marketers are lucky. By our very nature, we promote. We inform. We sell. So a marketing blog is like a meta dream within a dream, where we try to convince our audience of our value by sharing content that makes us valuable.

If there could be a downside to a literally immeasurable amount of quality information, it’s just that—there’s too much. Most of my very limited free time is spent binging Orphan Black, and with Absentia on deck there’s just not enough time in the day for me to read every amazing blog I want.

The Blogs Blog, Second Edition is a short list of some great marketing industry blogs that marketers love. 

They’re smart, informational, and fun, and reading them as often as you can will help you do your job better.

(And check out the original The Blogs Blog, for seven more popular marketing blogs that are well worth your time.)


The Best Blogs for Marketers

1. The Moz Blog |

What They Say: The industry's top wizards, doctors, and other experts offer their best advice, research, how-tos, and insights—all in the name of helping you level-up your SEO and online marketing skills.

What I Say: What makes Moz stand out is the team’s long history of boots-on-the-ground SEO and marketing activity. This comprehensive understanding means the experts at Moz are really great at explaining a complex and ever-changing industry in a way that makes it much more digestible. Their Whiteboard Friday segment exemplifies how Moz excels at delivering truly actionable advice that helps readers make educated decisions.

Favorite Blog/Article: How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

2. MarketingLand |

What They Say: Marketing Land is a daily publication that covers all aspects of the digital marketing industry.

What I Say: MarketingLand understands the connection between digital marketing and technology evolution, and their insights help marketers develop content strategies that connect with consumers. They’re always right on top of marketing industry breaking news, and the sheer volume of quality content on the site makes it a one-stop-shop for busy marketers who need a complete and wide-ranging resource for trusted information.

Favorite Blog/Article: Snapchat Opens In-App Shopping Section with Snap Store

3. Convince & Convert |

What They Say: We are strategists and practitioners of social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and customer experience.

What I Say: The name says it all. Experts in content marketing with conversions optimization, Convince & Convert, helps marketers create and promote quality content that resonates with readers and moves the needle. Their wheelhouse is in targeting and analytics, and they excel at educating readers about how to use content to meet their specific goals.

Favorite Blog/Article: The 10 Content Marketing Commandments for 2018

4. Kissmetrics |

What They Say: Understand what people are doing on your website and products, and deliver behavior-based engagement every step of the way

What I Say: This ROI-driven blog is focused on metrics. It’s a great resource for marketers who want to use analytics, marketing, and testing to develop quantifiable marketing plans. With content that’s rooted in data, Kissmetrics shows marketers the best ways to use marketing analytics to grow their businesses and amplify their strategies.

Favorite Blog/Article: How to Convert Blog Readers into Leads

5. Content Marketing Institute |

What They Say: While the site is full of practical, how-to guidance, you’ll also find insight and advice from the experts, and an active community for discussing the latest news, information, and advances that are moving the industry forward.

What I Say: Content marketing has quickly become the belle of the digital marketing ball, and CMI has been a leader in the space since before it was cool. Their focus on content marketing and trends makes them a valuable resource for marketing professionals. Their relevant and actionable content spans career advice, consulting services, industry events, and analytics—everything content marketers need to do their jobs well.

Favorite Blog/Article: 10 Ways to Make Videos Your Customers Can't Resist

6. StreetFight Mag |

What They Say: Street Fight follows the dynamic disruption taking place in the local marketing ecosystem.

What I Say: From ad tech, search, and mobile to commerce, media, and more, no one knows local marketing like Street Fight. Their research dives deep into hyper-local marketing technology and strategy, with news and insights that help marketers connect with their all-important and influential local consumers.

Favorite Blog/Article: One Size Does Not Fit All in the SMB Digital Market

7. CopyBlogger |

What They Say: Since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content.

What I Say: No doubt content remains king. Copyblogger is a comprehensive resource that focuses on strategy for creating relevant, valuable content that engages and influences audiences. Perfect for writers and marketers who understand that great content marketing is vital for building relationships and sales.

Favorite Blog/Article: Keys to Greatness (or Just Getting More Great Stuff Done

8. Monetate |

What They Say:  The latest news, strategies, and tactics from the world of ecommerce.

What I Say: Monetate gets to the business of digital marketing’s goal—to increase sales. Their technology and the data it collects makes them personalization pros, and their blog is packed with practical advice about how to use personalization to create campaigns that reach consumers on a one-to-one level.

Favorite Blog/Article: Why Mobile Dominates Ecommerce for Moms

Of course this is just a small sample of the incredible marketing blogs that we have available at our fingertips. Which blogs can’t you live without?

(And please visit our own trusty marketing news blog.)