Subscription Services from the Viewpoint of a Generation Z-er

By: Hanna Ahmaripour, Marketing Intern

As a Gen-Z college student with a summer internship, I’ve had to change up my daily wardrobe a little.  Now that I’ve been here a couple of weeks, I’d like to get a couple of new tops and shoes but I don’t have the time, much less the money.

For me, shopping takes about three hours each trip to the mall, and I end up only liking the designer clothes that cost an arm and a leg, so I usually walk out of the mall empty-handed. I have similar luck when it comes to online shopping; I end up hating all of the clothes purchased online and am too lazy to return them so it’s a lose-lose experience.

So I figured maybe a clothing site like Stitch Fix would do it all for me—cute clothing, delivery, and a good price.  

Stich Fix is a digital service that is part of the growing subscription commerce (subcom) boom, where consumers subscribe to a site and receive scheduled deliveries filled with whatever they are purchasing tailored specifically to them. Personally, as a busy consumer, these subscription-based services are what keep me going throughout the day.  I love the thought of coming home to a surprise package I already know I am going to like, without having to spend time shopping for it. What more could you want?

Personalized subscription services have become increasingly popular—consumers want the instant gratification that they get from customized content, and they want it now! So subcom services use data to create everything from playlists to boxes with clothing chosen just for them, to movies already picked out to their liking.

Get up, go to work, go to the gym, sleep, and repeat. This is my current life as a summer intern, and I know other Gen-Zers can relate (one of the many reasons that convenience and personalization matter to us).  That’s why it’s a no-brainer to give up control of some decisions and let subscription services like Stitch Fix, Netflix, and Spotify choose for me. Spotify provides me with personalized playlists for every moment of my life just by tracking data on how I use the app. I’m able to check back to my home page every week for a new set of playlists filled with music from my saved music and music from artists I don’t know yet—which is the beauty of the app. I don’t have to make decisions about who or what I want to listen to, because Spotify already does it for me. With Netflix, I get a notification on my phone every day with a new recommendation, based on movies/shows I have watched before. This saves a lot of time during impromptu movie nights, when I’m able to quickly choose between options I know I’ll enjoy, versus scrolling through the entire Netflix site. Streaming and product subscription services save me so much time—something I value MUCH more than my data and a few dollars.

Subscription shoppers are hooked on subcom services because they enjoy receiving a tangible good that follows alongside their personal preferences without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. They look forward to these surprises that arrive at their doorstep annually, monthly, or even weekly, knowing the more feedback they provide the more tailored experiences they will receive. According to Skyword, 75% of consumers are more willing to give their business to companies that are able to recognize them as individuals and personalize their experiences to provide recommendations that meet their needs. From a subscriber standpoint, if I am going to pay a company AND give them access to my data, I should be receiving the most accurate and individualized experience that will elevate my current lifestyle.