Move Over Millennials, Gen Z Are the New Consumers to Include in Your 2016 Marketing Initiative

Just when marketers have the whole Millennial thing figured out—who they are, what they buy, how to reach them—there’s a new generation of consumers to connect with.

Born in the early- to mid-90s, they’re called Gen Z, iGen, ReGen, Posts, and more. MTV asked a bunch of these teens what they wanted their generation to be called. The winner: Founders.

In many ways, they’re the uber-Millennials, and not just because they’d use their Uber app way before calling a taxi. They’re pragmatic and independent. They’re digital natives who like to be seen AND heard, and they’re the most diverse generation in history. And marketers and media companies are dying to get their hands on them.

They make up fully one-quarter of the U.S. population, and with 93% of Gen Z parents saying their children influence family spending and household purchases*, targeting Gen Z/Founders is changing the marketing landscape.


7 Marketing Tips to Engage Generation Z Consumers

1. Create “Snackable”  Information

With quick access to a wealth of information and so much competition for their attention, marketers should create nuggets of info, like videos, infographics, and pictures that can capture their attention quickly, and allow them to dig deeper if and when they want.

2. Show Your Personality

Brands targeting Gen Z must be personal and relatable.  Authenticity is key, so make sure your content is real. Don’t give them a bunch of BS.  Extra points for quirky and funny.

3. Have a Cause

Gen Z cares about the planet, and about each other. Let them know that you not only believe in, but that you financially support the same causes that they do. They love to know their purchases are making a real difference.

4. So Very Social

Gen Z collects, curates, and re-imagines content to influence and appeal to their social circles (and beyond). Make sure your brand and marketing messages are where Gen Z will find them. From Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and Reddit, there’s a social media platform for whatever mood they’re in.

5. Think Globally

This is THE MOST multicultural generation ever. Their backgrounds, coupled with their ability to experience different countries through apps like Periscope, Skype, and Snapchat, make them more eager for international experiences, so keep this in mind.

6. Ask Permission

While marketers will undoubtedly want more information on Generation Z’s whereabouts, you should ask for permission first. Generation Z will not tolerate anything that’s spam or irrelevant.

7. Find Their Tribe

These young people have countless interests, from cooking to paddle boarding to mixing music, and they love to connect with like-minded people. They don’t care that much about what Brands tell them to buy— they want to know what products their favorite NBA player or YouTube Makeup Artist are spending their money on.

Start building relationships with Gen Z NOW. Take the time to understand and learn how Gen Z differs from Millennials. They’re growing up in a super-connected world, which has shaped their behaviors and beliefs and set high expectations for companies looking to engage with them. So stay nimble to connect with the most nimble generation we’ve seen: Gen Z.

*Source: Deep Focus’ 2015 Cassandra Report on Gen Z

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