Influencer Marketing Campaigns to the Rescue

Why Digital Influencers are the Newest Marketing Superheroes

ATTENTION MARKETERS: We have a bit of a problem on our hands: consumers are getting really good at ignoring ads. We need to find new ways to get people interested and involved in ads again.

I mean I totally get it—I feel like ads are being thrown at me left and right, sometimes without me even knowing it! Lately my Instagram feed has been filled with sponsored posts—often to my surprise, because the social media site has its ad-targeting algorithm down to a science—and I am such a sucker for them. I am constantly sifting through the clutter of the online world, trying to figure out which posts are ads and which ads are trustworthy.


Why Influencer Marketing is Important

Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit, said it best, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is”.

Consumers trust word-of-mouth, especially when the recommender has a genuine passion for the topics and products that person is sharing. Enter the impact of Influencer Marketing. It puts your brand in touch with individuals whose sole purpose is to produce captivating, shareable content. According to Adweek, new research shows that social media users trust influencers almost as much as they trust their friends. Influencer marketing establishes brand trust through content and storytelling, to connect your brand with the consumer via human experience.


What is a Brand Influencer?

There are three criteria that typically define a brand influencer:

  1. Audience Reach (Number of Followers)
  2. Brand Affinity (Expertise and Credibility)
  3. Strength of Relationships w/ Followers

Brands can leverage social influencers to interact directly with customers, provide promotional discounts, encourage loyalty programs, and more. By providing a superior customer experience and celebrating your customers, you will encourage positive, organic, and authentic sharing about your brand.

We’re no longer selling products, we’re selling experiences. When you partner with influencers, you’re adding credibility to your content and sharing your brand message through a trusted source.


The Power of Influencer Marketing in Competitive Industries

One of the biggest challenges marketers face in digital marketing is finding a way to be heard over the sea of competitors. With engagement and traffic as the fifth most important ranking factor in Moz’s most recent Ranking Correlation Study, being unable to achieve that goal means your search engine ranking will be negatively affected. But the more you engage your audience, the higher your traffic will be. That’s exactly where influencer marketing trumps all other forms of marketing.

There has been a transition from brands focusing on popular bloggers and celebrities to focusing on a new wave of everyday consumers who can have just as large an impact, also known as “micro-influencer marketing”. This is especially true given the prevalence of millennial influencers and the growing millennial mom demographics alike.


Establish Your Influencer Marketing Plan

Whatever your audience, there’s an influencer to reach them. Make sure your digital marketing strategy includes influencer marketing—it’s a proven way to connect with consumers in an authentic and engaging way that encourages loyalty and boosts business.