Get Your B2B Marketing Plan in Gear


By: Jenna Taylor

Successful B2B marketing plans are like a sophisticated luxury sports car. They’re carefully crafted with precision, take thoughtful planning, and require constant care and attention. When done right, they’re a beautiful thing. And we all want one.

B2B marketing–simply put–is the promotion of products or services to businesses, organizations, and governments, as opposed to a consumer (B2C). A b2b marketing plan involves a more complex and lengthy sales cycle and decision making process. Compared to other marketing strategies, there’s often a more significant investment involved. It requires a greater deal of trust and value-driven messaging. Companies seek long-lasting relationships, given the time and investment involved in finding a reliable B2B agency partner.

B2B Basics

Look beyond the demographics of the business and remember that decision makers are people. This will transform your B2B marketing plan into a one-to-one campaign. A b2b marketing plan involves multiple individuals, so take the time to learn who the key decision makers are to ensure you reach the right person. Make it easy for them to say yes.

Make your plan highly relevant and personalized by taking a consumer-centric approach. Understand your client or prospect’s specific business needs and what’s driving their end result. How does your product or service solve their issues, and what issues are most important to them? It’s not only important to understand value, but to understand it from their perspective. B2B companies must also determine the best medium to reach their customers, as it varies throughout the sales process. Use a diversified strategy that incorporates a variety of media, such as print, digital, social, mobile, and native.

Better Business

Unlike the consumer decision-making process, B2B marketing is less emotional and often requires a deeper technical knowledge. It demands content. Be sure to provide detailed education to effectively communicate your value to decision makers, as well as case studies to illustrate how you’ve helped similar companies.
Sharing relevant trends and insights in your content will help drive meaningful engagement for your brand.

Keep in mind that not all B2B marketing is the same. Each industry has its own unique jargon, thought leaders, and buying decision methods that B2B companies must take into consideration.

Just like building a luxury sports car, creating a successful B2B marketing plan takes a team of experts.
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