CPG Industry Trends


The Inside Scoop on the CPG Industry

The U.S. CPG industry is rife with opportunity–offline and online sales are expected to cross $407 billion this year–as consumers are starting to feel optimistic about the economy. With sales dollars pouring in, CPG advertisers will battle it out to ensure that they command a significant share of the mind and the market.

CPG Marketing Trends

Here are some market and media trends to watch out for as CPG brands work towards cutting through the clutter, by diverting ad dollars into digital advertising and leveraging the power of print media.
  • Offline and online CPG sales will see a positive momentum in 2016, with online sales gaining traction.
  • Millennials fuel online CPG shopping, owing to convenience, value and interactivity offered by digital purchasing platforms.
  • CPG ad spending will witness a boost, with the industry touted to have the highest ad spend CAGR for the five year period up to 2020. Digital advertising will gain a considerable share of the ad spend pie, due to consumers becoming more connected.
  • Display video advertising will be favored in part because it is an extension of the sector’s preference for television ads, and in part due to its targeting capabilities.
  • Programmatic buying will witness an uptick, particularly around programmatic digital video advertising inventory.
  • Utilizing first-party data (offline and online data, and shopper marketing data) and third-party data helps
  • CPG marketers better serve the right ads to the right consumers.
  • Mobile advertising will receive a push as connected consumers consider mobile to be the most important shopping tool.
  • Beacon-triggered messages to shoppers are likely to positively impact customers’ in-store shopping experience.
  • Native advertising offers marketers a platform to connect with consumers on an emotional level.
  • Social media spend is expected to witness a thrust, as consumers are increasingly using social as a means of purchase-decision making.
  • Print advertising packs quite a punch, with magazines showing the highest return on ad spend for CPG brands.

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