Everyone loves personalized items, so Bud Light impressed millennials with individualized cans. Read about what they did and why millennials love it.

Bud Light Befriends Millennials with Individualized Cans

By: Christine Guo

I remember approaching a long line outside the Student Union in college to see what all the fuss was about. Turned out, everyone was waiting to make personalized Coke cans with their names. Judging from the never-ending line and my Instagram feed blowing up with pictures of my friends’ Cokes, Millennials love individualized packaging. Recently, Bud Light tapped into this trend by creating 200,000 different cans featuring variations of 31 designs using HP vertical-printing technology.

Where They’re Sold

The cans are available to attendees of the Mad Decent Block Party, a music festival that will hit across U.S. and Canada from now until September.

A Unique Experience for Buyers

The HP algorithm technology used to create these cans ensures that each label is a little bit different. Bud Light can create 31 million possible outputs from the 31 designs. All 200,000 cans produced will provide 200,000 different experiences.

Friendship Goals

Bud Light hopes that consumers will get excited about their individualized cans. The company looks forward to more innovative initiatives in the future.

Judging by the success of name-plated Coke Cans at my college, Bud Light should have no problem making more Millennial friends.


Millennials crave unique, individually curated experiences. Whether they design each product a little bit differently, or allow consumers to design their own products, businesses can stand out from their competitors through mass marketing campaigns that still feel personal.



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