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MNI's OTT/CTV reporting and attribution visualization platform shows the full scope of an OTT/CTV campaign, how conversions are driven, not  just views.

A proprietary platform bridging the gap between CTV/OTT and conversions, providing a solution to the problem marketers face when it comes to measuring a call-to-action in a CTV/OTT ad.  



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MNI’s programmatic ad buying solution, Motto™, is an over-the-top (OTT) analytics platform, providing unprecedented, near real-time conversion indicators for connected TV (CTV) and OTT advertising campaigns.

There’s nowhere else to get this kind of reporting and attribution on OTT/CTV campaigns today. These ultra-granular insights empower brands to fully optimize campaigns and maximize their return on ad spend.

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Conversion metrics available through Motto include:

  • Foot traffic: Brands boost in-store traffic through optimization-based reporting, a device graph, and granular insights used to detect if an OTT campaign resulted in physical lift.
  • Site visits: Pixels on a website track site traffic that results from the OTT campaign.
  • Online checkouts: Pixels placed on an order-confirmation page match each conversion to a CTV/OTT impression.
  • App installs: Brands can ingest and match app install logs to each OTT impression.

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