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Locally Relevant Advertising Critical to COVID-19 Vaccine Success

Timely and consistent information on a hyper-local level that informs target audiences is vital to gaining public support. To make a difference, campaigns must begin now.

With the approval of several vaccines, it’s time for marketers at every level, to step up and do their part by getting the word out. By conveying essential information that educates, you will be supporting the tireless of efforts of so many. 

MNI is uniquely suited to deploy timely messaging, across channels. Through data insights, we will work with you to make sure the right messaging, reaches preferred targets in ways that make personal connections, educate and inspire action.

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MNI Local

Local news, radio and TV websites are the most trusted outlets for information. MNI’s unique approach allows us to connect in real time via digital, in magazines and with local television stations to reinforce key messaging and further trust.

Vaccine Moment Three | GeoFencing


Engage people on mobile devices when they enter a pre-defined geo-spatial range surrounding your vaccine distribution locations, or those of competitors.

Vaccine Moment Three | Digital Audio

Digital Audio

Reach local audiences by using location and consumer segment data across their favorite playlists, streaming radio stations, and go-to podcasts. Clickable units can lead consumers to appointment and vaccine availability pages on your website.

Vaccine Moment Three | Geo-Targeting


Target individuals in a specific area by sharing vaccine availability messaging across devices within an entire DMA, city, or town, or within a specific radius of vaccine distribution locations.

Vaccine Moment Three | DOOH

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

DOOH ads placed on billboards, bus stations, or screens within stores can increase awareness of vaccine availability. Learn More

Vaccine Moment Three | Keyword

Keyword Retargeting

Using a list of terms that pertain to vaccine availability and distribution, target individuals browsing online to search information about vaccine availability, safety and cost–driving them to your site to learn more.

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