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Advanced Targeting 

Leading-edge targeting technology reaches your exact consumers, wherever they go:

  • Geo-Fencing: Create a virtual perimeter around a physical location and serve ads to people when they enter that specific area.
  • Behavioral Targeting: Connect with consumers based on their online behaviors, like what they searched for and which websites they visited. 
  • Mobile App Data: Target users of specific apps, ensuring your message reaches a relevant audience.
  • Contextual Targeting: Connect with people who are searching for and consuming specific content.
  • Site Retargeting: Serve ads to consumers who have already visited your site, as they’re browsing other sites.
  • Search History: Deliver highly targeted ads to consumers based on their relevant search history.

Advanced Attribution

Track vital insights on user activities throughout live campaigns including:

  • Site Conversions: Discover how many users visit a specific site as a result of a campaign.
  • Cart Checkouts: See the number of purchases and purchase amounts among users exposed to your advertisements. 
  • In-Store Lift: Track incremental visits to your physical store driven by your campaigns.
  • App Installs: Monitor how many users download your app after seeing an ad.

Cannabis Moment Four

In addition to CannabX, MNIx provides a wide variety of solutions for Cannabis advertisers, like Endemic Sites, Native, Audio, High-Impact Skins, OTT, and DOOH.

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