Our proprietary offerings reach your audience anywhere they go online.

Our Ad Network, Mobile Network, and Video Network are simple ways to connect
with your audience anywhere they go online, on the most popular sites in the country. 
We make sure your ad is seen by layering on the right targeting and creative.

•  Contextual channels ensure simple, effective targeting.

•  Retargeting technology increases ROI.

•  Interactive creative and high-impact units drive traffic.

•  Full front- and back-end transparency.

•  End-to-end team dedicated to your success.

And we’re the #1 Local Ad Focus Network in the country for the third consecutive year.

Source: comScore, 2017.


Reach your audience,
in the markets you want, at a
cost-effective price.

Reach specific consumers
directly on their trusted and
indispensable mobile devices,
with location-based
consumer targeting and
top-quality national brands.

Nearly 80% of U.S. adults
watch digital video.
Reach consumers with creative,
interactive ads through this highly engaging medium.

• Access to every market you need, all in one place.


• Full front- and back-end transparency.


• Exclusive access to Time Inc. First-Party data marries

  online and offline data from 150+ million Time Inc. subscribers.


• Contextual channels for simple, effective targeting.


• Extensive targeting capabilities to reach even the most niche audience.

• Dedicated end-to-end digital team from research and
  insights to reporting and post-campaign recommendations.


Our networks reach your audience wherever they go, and offer what you need for a successful campaign.


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