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Press Release

Leading Media Planning and Buying Innovator Unveils New Identity:
Media Now Interactive

STAMFORD, CT — May 1, 2024
 MNI Targeted Media, a well-known and long-established media planning and buying company, announced today it is rebranding to Media Now Interactive (Media Now). The transformation reflects the company’s commitment to remain at the forefront of media evolution. 

Media Now enables advertisers to connect with their sought-after audiences with integrated and agnostic media solutions, driving success for its clients nationwide including major brands across a broad array of categories including consumer packaged goods (CPG), banking, travel, higher education, and healthcare, among others.

The marketing landscape is changing radically. Reshaped by the decline of the cookie, evolving regulation, adaptation of artificial intelligence, and more, Media Now helps its clients constantly innovate and deliver the results needed today with an eye always toward being best positioned for future growth. The Media Now brand name change reflects the commitment to always propel brands forward, and to continue delivering the first-party performance insights, modern solutions, meticulous planning, implementation, and reporting that clients have come to trust the brand to deliver for years. 

“Media Now Interactive is not just a service provider—they are a cornerstone of our strategic success in the dynamic digital world.” said Patrick Patterson, CEO of Level Agency, “Their consistent contributions at our events and their instrumental role in enhancing our OTT and DOOH capabilities showcase their commitment to innovation and excellence. With Media Now’s data-driven test-first approach, which aligns perfectly with our analytical mindset, we are not only meeting our clients' needs but also pioneering new standards in media solutions. Together, we're not just adapting to industry changes; we're leading them, ensuring our clients' successes are not merely targets, but certainties.”

Media Now distinguishes itself by providing clients with performance-based solutions, working without retainers or any upcharges for other valued services like enhanced reporting and audience research. This unique model allows businesses to navigate the complexities of modern marketing with a flexible and transparent approach.

A recent survey of Media Now clients found that 97% of respondents, would recommend their services due to multiple factors, particularly the team’s expertise, value and strategic counsel. 

“Our clients embrace the future of media interaction. As Media Now Interactive, we will continue to lead with a relentless pursuit of excellence,” said Vicki Brakl, SVP of Marketing and Strategy at Media Now. “For over 55 years, our company has been a pioneer in helping brands intersect with relevant messaging for their audiences. We are excited to continue delivering impactful campaigns alongside our customers and partners.”

About Media Now Interactive

Media Now Interactive (Media Now) pioneers accountable omnichannel media strategies, leveraging over 55 years of industry expertise with forward-thinking innovation.

Clients trust Media Now for first-party performance insights, modern solutions, meticulous planning, implementation, and reporting. Client needs always first, the business model doesn't lock clients in, without hidden or extra fees—quite unique in the media planning and buying environment. Delivering adaptable strategies for the future, powered by flexible tech infrastructure and a dynamic, client-centric team, Media Now crafts experiences, builds relationships on earned trust, and drives real, measurable results.