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With the availability of richer, data-driven targeting capabilities on CTV, advertisers can find the right audience wherever they are, regardless of the channel, and in any given time slot.

The immersive experience of audio streaming is growing, and brand are listening. They’re finding new ways to integrate offerings into platforms ranging from gaming consoles to podcasts to automobiles.

By 2019, over 30% of the U.S. population will use voice assistants at least once a month, while nearly 23% of the population will use smart speakers at least monthly by 2020.

What started as a revolution in finance is now extending its arms into almost every other industry—from retail to healthcare to adverting.

As buyers remain wary about issues of transparency and quality of open markets, a major portion of programmatic ad spending will go toward private setups.

Technology-based innovation arrives faster than most organizations can keep up. Smart speakers and voice assistants let us interact with our homes and with retailers in new and seamless ways, while smartphones are becoming the new shopping cart. More viewers than ever before are replacing t…

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