We updated our widely-cited 2018 Generation Z white paper to include new insight and statistics about Gen Z’s habits as a demographic, including trends from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The results of our independent survey remain the same: digital natives are powerful consumers, and brand…

Get your message into the palms of consumers' hands, right on their trusted and ever-present smartphones. Hyperlocal mobile targeting is a powerful way to target prospective customers in highly specific areas, even within a few streets or blocks, increasing foot traffic and sales.

5G is the fifth generation of wireless mobile communications. It promises a tremendous increase in the amount of data that can be transmitted, improving speed, capacity, and latency. What will its impact be on advertising?

The election season is already in full swing. How do politicians stand-out in a crowded field? Winning elections in 2020 begins with the 3m’s: Money, Messaging and Mobilization.

Blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords in technology right now. But what is it? And why is everyone talking about it? MNI has all the answers.

Learn how programmatic advertising works, what it matters and how it can help grow your brand.

Technology-based innovation arrives faster than most organizations can keep up. Smart speakers and voice assistants let us interact with our homes and with retailers in new and seamless ways, while smartphones are becoming the new shopping cart. More viewers than ever before are replacing t…

With so many ways to get marketing messages into people’s heads, audio streaming literally gets it done. Check out strategic advertisers who have nailed brand messaging – and why it works

Voice search has disrupted the marketing industry. More and more organizations are building it into their strategies. Find out what everyone’s talking about and who’s listening.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is also referred to Machine Intelligence. It can be overwhelming, so we’ve created this simple read to illustrate how AI can personalize consumer experiences

By 2020, Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers and influence nearly $44 billion in discretionary. This primer will give you a running start.

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SIGN ME UP: Why Subscription-Based Models are on the Rise Published on Feb 14, 2018 In April 2017, subscription company websites had 37 million visitors, an increase of 831% from 2014. Marketers need to capitalize on the popularity of subcom services, and the mentality behind their growth, b…

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