Results-Driven Email Marketing

Make sure your brand message stands out in the inbox.

Consumers opt-in to receive email communication from their favorite brands,
in the form of product news, discounts, special offers, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity
to make a personal connection with this motivated audience.

How can targeted email marketing help?

• Heightened brand awareness

• Increased impressions

• Effective conversions

Email marketing is on the rise because it works. As consumers are exposed to more and more elaborate ads that beg for attention and interaction, the humble yet powerful email is a personal, custom, and welcome way to move your audience from conversation to commerce.

You'VE Got Mail…Use It

79% of marketers agree
email marketing actively generates ROI.

(Source: eMarketer, 2015.)

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Why our email marketing solution is better, from beginning to send:

• Consumers are receptive to emails from brands they’re interested in.

• Lists are thoroughly scrubbed, ensuring the highest possible delivery rate.

• Cutting-edge delivery technology ensures delivery across platforms.

• Post-campaign analysis includes unique click-through, net sent, unsubscribed, and bounce back reporting.

Email marketing delivers relevant and timely
messaging to the precise individuals you need to influence.

• B2B: Reach consumers through their primary work communication tool.

• B2C: Reach consumers when they’re actively checking their email.