Generation Z Media Consumption And How Brands Can Reach Them

For brands willing to speak to Gen Z—and listen to them—the rewards will be profound. The key, of course is speaking their language.

Generation Z Values and Beliefs

In short, Gen Z is unique and powerful in ways that we’re just beginning to see. They navigate the digital world with power and ease, creating their own rules of engagement rather than looking to adults for guidance. They see through anything that’s not authentic and they hold the power to change society through digital platforms.

Generation Z Statistics on Media Consumption

To gain insight into marketing to generation Z, MNI Targeted Media Inc. commissioned a study of Gen Z behavior, surveying students at major universities about their media consumption. Findings include:

  • 76% find media overwhelming
  • 90% media keeps me in touch
  • 50% would like more time away from devices
  • 48% wish they would put their phone down more
  • 48% feel they use social too much

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