Local Online Advertising

Local sites are most trusted by consumers, and ours is the #1 Local Ad Focus Network in the country.

80% of our campaigns had a geographic focus last year, so you know we know local

We have three distinct and powerful ways to connect your message with your audience, across local newspaper, television, and radio websites in 210 DMAs, nationwide.

And while we'd never play favorites, comScore does: they named our Ad Network the #1 Local Ad Focus Network in the country for the third consecutive year.

Our Local Solutions

Sites Direct

Local radio, TV, and newspaper sites.


Network of local endemic radio, TV, and newspaper sites.

Audience Network

Demographic and behaviorally targeted network of all local radio, TV, and newspaper sites.

Why Local Only Marketing?

Local sites rank first among all sources for trustworthiness, credibility, and being the most informative place to find local content fo all types, including news, information, entertainment, sports, and classifieds. They're perceived to be more current, credible, and relevant to consumers.

Here's a center layout

Our site direct network...

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Why MNI for Local Advertising?

Our site direct network options are the perfect solutions for reaching your local audience:

- The Omnipoint System determines top sites by KPI, reach, and demographics.

- Stand out with custom high-impact units, email blasts, roadblocks, interstitials, and site skins.

- Site agnostic options and no pre-purchased inventory.

- Fully transparent run of local network.

- Our aggregated local buying power means you enjoy aggressive CPMs.

- Eliminate the time and hassle of working with numerous local sites directly.

Local Mobile Advertising

Mobile devices and local targeting were made for each other, as consumers take their smartphones wherever they go. Localized content and ads make personal connection with consumers, who pay closer attention to local messaging.

- Offer coupons and promote sales.

- Include eye-catching and memorable rich media.

- WAP and In-App executions.

- DMA level targeting.

- Front-end transparency.

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