Print Magazines Reflect Forward-Thinking, in More Ways than One

Allyse Rosen, Publisher Operations Coordinator



The cover of the October issue of Elle Australia is making news because of its cover model. She’s not a famous supermodel or celebrity, made up and coiffed and airbrushed to unattainable perfection. She’s a REAL woman, with hopes, dreams, and challenges. She’s YOU!


The innovative varnish on the cover produces a mirror effect, so that when you hold the mag up to look at it, you’re the face of Elle. The reflection is a little watery, slightly distorted, like those safety mirrors you find in a kid’s dress-up purse, but it still makes the point: you’re beautiful, you’re important, you’re a star. Even just sitting on a desk or coffee table, the shiny silver cover attracts attention.

Empowering Women with Print Media Advertising

To support the magazine’s empowering message about what it means to be a woman, the cover story profiles 47 women, ages one month to 100 years—politicians, actresses, and advocates.


In addition to an eye-catching cover, the magazine expertly connects print and digital media with a custom hashtag, #BeTheCover, which encourages people to post pics of how they look on the cover of a popular fashion mag.  There have been thousands of posts to Twitter and Instagram, proving that interactivity and engagement are benchmarks that are not reserved for digital advertising.


Get a look at the cover, and some of the super models who posted their pics, here. And remember, planning for print advertising is a powerful way to connect with consumers in truly personal and memorable ways.