Streaming Audio

Streaming Audio

Streaming Audio

Here to stay.

The growth of streaming, podcasting, and voice-activation enables advertisers to target audio ads with pinpoint accuracy.

The dynamic and personalized nature of streaming audio targets consumers on the go, in real-time, during relevant moments. It offers an intimate form of delivering content, adding a second sensory way of experiencing a brand beyond sight.

Streaming Audio | Moment 2: Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging
in the Moment

  • Connect with users with relevant advertising—in almost real time—when they’re listening to individual playlists.
  • Target specific groups based on their age, gender, listening habits, and moods.
  • Measure the number of people who have listened to your ads, and their actions taken.

Streaming Audio | Moment 3 - Benefits

Utilize Streaming Audio's benefits across 

  • Streaming stations
  • On-demand services
  • Podcasts

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