Social Media Advertising

Meet MNI Social

Consumers are social-obsessed. The increasing time they spend with their favorite social platforms represents huge opportunity for brands. That’s because social’s broad influence extends across brand awareness, consideration, and conversion.

The particular blend of our tech and our team is what makes our social media campaigns succeed. It’s what drives the social experiences for your audience that get you to your goals.


Our cross-platform social campaigns achieve objectives, at scale.

Our cross-platform social campaigns achieve objectives, at scale. 

Here’s why:

  • We help you define and understand your core audience, to align content that will resonate best with your target consumers.
  • Our team identifies the right targeting tactics and recommends precise creative executions that will deliver your exact audience, by platform.
  • Campaigns are launched across the major social media channels that make sense for your brand and your goals.
  • We collect insights across platforms, so you can maximize campaign efficiencies and get the very best from each publisher.
  • Full service means clients get meticulous optimizations and reporting.

Social Circles

Your campaign will run across the top social media platforms, ensuring that it connects with your specific audience where and when they’re engaging.