Niviya Vas, Senior Analyst

Explore the digital marketing trends affecting consumers and brand strategies so far in 2016.

Digital Video Advertising Trends


Programmatic TV will come close to being a $1 Billion market in the U.S. this year[1], and is predicted to account for $10 Billion of TV budgets by 2019[2].

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Globally, a minimum growth of 1.5x in total video streams for the 2016 Rio Olympics is estimated, which translates into 2.85 billion worldwide video streams. For the U.S. alone, a 2x growth in total digital video advertising streams is expected, which equates to 320 million video streams for the 2016 Olympics.

How Many People Will Watch the Rio Games via Digital? | eMarketer | July 29, 2016


78% of U.S. adults used TV to learn about the 2016 Presidential election, with local TV news as a top source; 65% used digital sources. Targeted TV advertising will see a rise as 59% of likely U.S. voters, ages 18 to 34, use digital video to learn about political candidates and issues.

U.S. Election 2016: Spotlight on Digital Advertising, Data and Targeting | eMarketer | May 5, 2016


Mobile video makes up 25% of Presidential campaign ad impressions. 33% of likely voters have viewed a post or video about a candidate shared by a friend. Read more about how Snapchat is affecting mobile video advertising here.

U.S. Election 2016: Spotlight on Digital Advertising, Data and Targeting | eMarketer | May 5, 2016


36.6% of U.S. internet users plan to conduct holiday shopping research on their desktops/laptops, 28.9% plan to conduct shopping research in-store and 10.5% via smartphones. 32% of U.S. internet users plan to make holiday purchases on their personal computers while 33.5% would shop in-store. Therefore many brands are adopting an omnichannel strategy in an effort to connect the dots amongst these consumers.

Primary Channel/Location Where US Internet Users Plan to Research vs. Purchase Gifts during the Holiday Season | eMarketer | June 2016


42.7% of internet users plan to purchase holiday gifts on Amazon.

Why Many Internet Users Will Be Shopping via Amazon This Holiday Season | eMarketer | July 28, 2016

Back to School Shopping Trends


Back-to-school season will represent 17.2% of full-year retail sales[3]. Overall back-to-school sales in the U.S. are expected to increase 2.6% this year, with sales for the season expected to total $828.8 Billion[4]. U.S. ecommerce retail sales, during the core back-to-school shopping months of July and August, will grow 15.3% this year, up slightly from 15.2% in 2015[5].

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46% of shoppers plan to make BTS purchases online, while 38% plan to make back-to-college purchases online[5]. Around 60% of parents are planning to buy at least one item on a mobile device, and 30% plan to do at least one-fourth of their shopping on mobile[6].

[6] Parents Are Increasingly Using Mobile Devices for Back-to-School Shopping | AdWeek | July 5, 2016


61% of back-to-school shoppers say they’ll research online before making a purchase in a physical store. 25% of parents said they plan to use social media to assist with their shopping— the number one reason to use social media is to find out about promotions (74%), followed by coupons (64%).

Back-to-school survey 2016 - Shopping for the “easy A” | Deloitte

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