Digital Advertising Trends for April 2018

Niviya Vas, Senior Analyst

Check out our list of April 2018 digital advertising trends on consumer behavior and the future of interactive advertisements.

B2C Digital Marketing Trends

Shopping gets an ‘augmented reality’ check.

1. Snapchat is creating augmented reality shopping ads, blending selfies with m-commerce. Named “Shoppable AR”, the lenses include a button that leads to a shopping page, an app-install page, a video, or a website without leaving Snapchat. Read more on how augmented reality is used in advertising here.

Source: AdAge, April 2018.

Sound and Food – a great pairing.

2. People’s reactions to sound have an 86% correlation to whether they want to connect with or avoid something in the future. In addition to creating stickier memories, sounds can suppress one's ability to taste, or bring out certain flavors. Restaurants and food brands are putting more emphasis on their digital soundtracks and aural ad experiences.

Source: AdAge, April 2018.

Blockchain could be a futuristic answer to ad-blocking.

3. In the future, consumers could choose which blockchain networks they want to be a part of, and instead of blocking ads from certain platforms, they’ll choose what content and ads they receive. This would place more power in the hands of the advertisers, who can create deeper relationships with their customers.

Source: GfK Insights, February 2018.

Consumer Voice Purchase Trends

Talk to the smart speaker!

4. More people are inviting assistive technology into their lives, integrating it into their homes, and forging bonds with this technology. 53% of people who own a voice-activated/smart speaker say it feels natural speaking to it, with many saying it feels like talking to a friend.

Source: Think With Google, January 2018.


5. While general activities are the top use among owners, 30% have purchased an item online via their smart speaker, with 13% purchasing a food/service.

Source: comScore, Q1 2018.

Mobile Commerce Trends for 2018

Mobile is the way forward.

6. By the end of Q4 2017, total digital commerce had grown to account for nearly one-in-five discretionary dollars spent by consumers. Mobile commerce accounts for a significant share of total digital commerce dollars, with Q4 2017 share reaching 24%. Read more on mobile purchasing behavior here.

Source: comScore, Q1 2018


7. Due to growing mobile commerce activity, advertisers are pouring dollars into this platform. With a 34% share of total U.S. ad spending, mobile is set to surpass TV as the leading advertising medium. Mobile will also account for 70% of total U.S. digital advertising.

Source: eMarketer, April 2018.

Smartphones provide users a sense of accomplishment.

8. Mobile phones are empowering people daily. In fact, 75% of people say their smartphones help them to be more productive. Getting things done has emotional benefits as well—60% say smartphones help them feel more confident and prepared, while 54% say their phones reduce stress and/or anxiety in their lives.

Source: Think With Google, March 2018.

April 2018 MNI Ad Network Trends

We’re #1!

9. The MNI Ad Network is the #1 Local Ad Focus Network in the nation, reaching 94% of the total U.S. digital population, equating to 241,035,000 unique visitors last month. Learn about other targeted media solutions MNI specializes in here.

Source: comScore, March 2018.

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