DataMatch™ can work for your business just like it worked for Tom’s Regional Automart.

By layering first- and third-party data sets, DataMatch™ zeroes-in on your best audience for deep, cross-platform targeting on a deterministic, one-to-one level. It merges consumers’ unique characteristics with extensive online and offline data—including media usage, demographics, DMV records, PRIZM clusters, and more—to find the specific consumers who are most likely to engage with your ad.




Our Omnipoint system interprets first- and third-party data, including rich historical campaign insights and research from more than 25 data partners, to create audience profiles and solid strategy.


In order to eliminate waste and fight fraud, we report on a clear picture of each person who’s served an ad, including email
and device ID.


To build a comprehensive individual profile, mobile data
is combined with a variety of offline sources, like consumer-generated survey data, buying activity, and more.


We collect data from 7,000+ mobile apps, and use it to identify audiences based on their device ID and app usage.


Your niche audience is engaged on a one-to-one level, on the channels where they’re most likely to interact with your ad.


DataMatch™ gives you a truly end-to-end profile of
individual consumers, across every major category, including

•  Auto

•  B2B

•  CPG

•  Education

•  Entertainment

•  Fashion/Beauty

•  Health & Fitness

•  Healthcare

•  Insurance

•  Pharmaceutical

•  Political

•  QSR/Restaurants

•  Real Estate

•  Retail

•  Technology

•  Telecom

•  Travel

•  Utilities

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Our broad, data-driven, targeted

audience solutions deliver.

With 40+ years of targeting expertise, MNI delivers all the
media planning and buying power clients need to precisely reach their specific audiences. Proprietary, data-driven insights build campaigns that work across mobile, network, local, programmatic, and connected TV. Visit for more information.


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