Online Data: We collect mobile data, including usage and behaviors, through a Software Development Kit (SDK) from apps installed on phones. If cookie data
is available to inform a profile, we use that, too.


Offline Data: We also collect offline data (e.g., Census registration records, buying activity, etc.), to gain additional insights about an audience’s real-world behaviors.


Activation: Leveraging online and offline data insights, a complete user profile is added to a niche audience pool of similarly built profiles. Activation is targeted against individuals in this group. MNI guarantees who we are serving ads to because we know the email address assigned to each device that ads are served to.

Step One: Understanding the User.

A complete user profile is constructed using a combination of
online and offline data, linked together from the email address.

Step Two: Activation.

Step Three: Optimization & Reporting.

Each campaign receives meticulous optimization and reporting from a dedicated account manager. This helps you gain insight into your consumers and prospects, with intelligent reporting down to the segment.

Insights by:
•  KPI
•  CTR
•  Conversions
•  Cross-Platform
•  Geography
•  Demographic
•  Creative
•  Sites/Apps
•  Future recommendations based
   on past campaign performance


DataMatch™ gives you a truly end-to-end profile of
individual consumers, across every major category, including

•  Auto

•  B2B

•  CPG

•  Education

•  Entertainment

•  Fashion/Beauty

•  Health & Fitness

•  Healthcare

•  Insurance

•  Pharmaceutical

•  Political

•  QSR/Restaurants

•  Real Estate

•  Retail

•  Technology

•  Telecom

•  Travel

•  Utilities



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