Nonprofit Advertising: 5 Ways To Raise Your Digital Profile

When it comes to advertising, not every organization has the luxury of booking a prime-time slot during the Super Bowl. In fact, most companies have a small advertising budget and need to be creative when developing their campaigns. Selling a product or service is one thing, but delivering a passionate message about a cause near and dear to your heart is a different kind of challenge. Thanks to the growth of online advertising, it is easier than ever for nonprofits to spread the word within their community and beyond, all while saving money. Here are five ways you can present your organization’s cause in a way that will compel donors to take action:  

What Nonprofits Need To Know To Raise Their Digital Profile


1. Go social and utilize SEO

With 84% of U.S. adults on at least one social media platform (MRI, Fall 2020), it is vital for nonprofit marketing strategies to have a strong social media presence. Engaging with content has never been easier; your followers can like, share, and comment on everything you post, allowing your message to travel around the world with the click of a button.

Last year, nonprofit organizations saw above-median engagement rates across all social channels. By increasing their photo and video posts on Facebook, nonprofits saw increased engagement rates for both. Carousels on Instagram performed twice as well as video posts, allowing nonprofits to utilize the extra real estate from multiple views to educate their followers. Frequency is key: the more you post, the more likely your efforts will be rewarded!

If your non-profit is still struggling to gain traction with social media followers, try utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) to get traffic from organic search results. When someone searches for keywords that align with your brand and mission, your nonprofit will appear at the top of the list offering you access to your ideal audience across all leading search platforms.

2. Share with friends

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If you’re like me, you check your Facebook feed daily. Since the pandemic started, I’ve noticed an increase in charitable contributions from friends and family. Every birthday on Facebook is now tied to a fundraiser with donations pouring in from people you haven’t spoken to in years.

The ease of Facebook’s Fundraising campaigns allows anyone to contribute, even just a few dollars, from the comfort of his or her couch. Nonprofits can capitalize on this modern version of peer-to-peer fundraising, letting your followers share your message for you and watch your brand awareness grow. Qualifying is simple—all your organization needs is to be a registered 501(c)3) and follow Facebook’s terms and conditions.

3. Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants is a free resource that helps nonprofits share their message with the world. This is an easy-to-use tool for your organization to drive awareness, attract donors, recruit new volunteers, and so much more. Nonprofits around the world have seen success through Google Ad Grants.

We Care Animal Rescue, an animal welfare organization in Napa Valley, is funded entirely by private donations and fundraising efforts. Since joining the Google Ad Grants program, they have seen a 350% increase in website activity and a 125% increase in online adoption applications. Conversion tracking allows your organization to measure the impact of your campaigns, understand what actions users take after clicking on the ads, and shows which campaigns drive the most donations.

4. Send the email

We all know how quickly your inbox can fill up, and the number of unread messages can become overwhelming. For nonprofits to break through the clutter, their email campaigns need to be S.M.A.R.T:

Strategy: Ensure your marketing goals are well-defined and measurable.
Message: Create a powerful, captivating subject line and make sure a clear call-to-action is visible upon opening and drives them to the proper landing page.
Audience: Ensure your message is valuable to recipients and inspires them to visit your site and contact your organization.
Reporting: Analyze the data so you can learn from captured statistics and improve campaigns moving forward.
Testing/Timing: Test different variables within the message and schedule emails to be sent during optimal times.

There are plenty of free email marketing tools that can help your nonprofit organization speak directly to donors and track the effectiveness of your email marketing.

AdobeStock_2708337785. Tell the story

The world can be a tough place, and now more than ever we need to open our eyes and hearts to the good that surrounds us. Nonprofit organizations are sharing heart-warming stories on a daily basis. By posting these moments, you connect with your audience on an emotional level and inspire them to get involved. Your donors and volunteers are the backbone of your organization, so make sure you promote their experiences as well. The more relatable the story, the more people will feel connected to your mission. Use your platform and voice to raise awareness and spread joy to all areas of the world.  

Get Help Raising Your Digital Profile With MNI

The digital ecosystem is constantly evolving, but with partners like MNI, we are dedicated to helping you navigate through it. Nonprofit organizations are delivering the messages that matter and having a successful campaign and strong digital presence can literally change lives. But no one solves the world’s problems alone; let your organization focus on fulfilling your mission, MNI will handle the rest! Whether you need assistance with your social campaigns, email marketing strategy, or want to learn more about your audience, MNI is here to help!

About the Author

Sydney Firman has been a powerhouse at MNI for over three years, working diligently to bring marketing strategies to life. When she’s not analyzing audience insights, she enjoys floating on her inflatable kayak while drinking a frozen margarita and listening to country music.



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