Being an Account Executive at MNI has a lot of perks. One of those is our ability to work not only with our own industry-leading products, but also with a lot of up-and-coming technologies that lend themselves to creating the best digital marketing campaigns. It’s how we can be sure we’ve got cutting-edge solutions to reach even the most niche audiences for our clients... Read More

My mobile phone has evolved from being just a vehicle for entertainment at my fingertips. It’s a necessity that helps me accomplish my day-to-day tasks, in my business and personal lives. So I’m not surprised that, while internet use via desktop is still significant, mobile device consumption has increased rapidly over the past several years... Read More

Over the years, I’ve transitioned from large TVs to medium-sized laptops and then to small mobile phones in order to watch my favorite programming. I watch videos on my phone even when I have access to a bigger screen. I represent a vast majority of millennials that choose to stream content over their phone. . . Read More