Committed to Marketing Research & Insights

By: Robert Reif, President

Our clients consistently give us feedback that the marketing research and insights we provide them on their audience targets, on media trends, and about technology innovations in the media industry, are an incredibly valuable piece to their relationship with MNI Targeted Media Inc.  While many companies  provide digital and print products and services, few are as committed to recommending targeted advertising solutions rooted in market research as we are: we invest hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on the best research tools that exist, and have dedicated advertising experts around the country who live and breathe analysis and trends data.  And until now, we hadn’t made any of this great information public facing—all of it was specific to a client request of need.

Today, we launch the first of what will be an ongoing series of content that will help our clients stay ahead of the curve and dialed in to what’s going on in the ever-shifting landscape of media—what’s new, what’s trending, how media is being measured, who’s doing what, and what’s hot and what’s not.

Speaking of what’s hot, you can’t open up your media briefs today without reading the phrases cord cutting, cross screen targeting, or OTT video, and it can be confusing.  In an effort to make sense of these market trends, we created a readable and relatable whitepaper about the multiscreen explosion, which we hope you’ll find an easy and helpful read.


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