The Latest In Home Page Takeovers? Cover Wrap Magazines.

By: Sara Mion, Marketing Development Associate

If you’re looking for a high-impact and intelligent marketing solution for B2B marketing, look no further than cover wraps. Why? It’s simple; no other medium allows marketers a more effective placement than the cover of national magazines (talk about viewability, that’s 100%!). In fact, magazine cover wraps are the only medium that allows B2B marketers to reach their precise audience, with a fully customizable marketing solution featuring their company as the cover story. Does it get any better than that? Well yes, yes it does.

Cover wraps provide a large amount of real estate to get your message across, as they can range anywhere from 4 to up to 10 pages. Unique, engaging on-page products, like coupons, Post-it® notes, business reply cards, or even video/audio chips, have been added as an extra way to grab attention and boost engagement.


Did I mention that virtually any industry could take advantage of cover wrap marketing? Whether you’re a small business like Dunder Mifflin or a large corporation like Stark Industries, cover wraps can be a successful tool in captivating your audience in an interesting and innovative way. Need proof? You got it:



There, I’ve said it. And it’s true, all backed by verifiable research. Since magazine cover wraps are sent directly to your target audience, it’s easy to gain real insights through qualitative research. For example, a hotel can send their cover wrap message directly to event planners, followed by a qualitative survey that asks, “Do you think you’ll consider our hotel for your next event?” YES? Awesome. Keep the wraps coming, people!

When it comes down to effective and measurable solutions for B2B marketers, cover wraps provide the perfect medium to speak directly with your target audience, with the trusted magazines they depend on. If you’re looking for highly impactful and intelligent marketing solution for B2B marketing plans, it’s a wrap!