Millennial Influence Alters Traditional Advertising Landscape


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Traditional advertising is becoming far too impersonal for the everyday millennial. More than half of all consumers who research products or brands learn about them on different social media platforms. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram taking over the digital landscape, what better way to get deep and personal with your prospective clients than to use these platforms? Online advertising agencies have to adapt to the new way people are communicating and interacting with others online, including influencer marketing, YouTube targeting, and post-click marketing. These technologies are forcing online advertisers to become more creative with how they push content out to consumers—as well as with the content and information in the posts they are sharing.


Savvy consumers who are locked into social media expect online advertising agencies to personally hand deliver the perfect ad. Engaging shoppers through open discussions on posts and media sharing draws companies closer to their intended audience. Creating relationships with consumers allows them to trust online advertising agencies and become active advocates for the brand, ultimately widening your audience.


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When millennials are searching for content and information online, they are expecting quick, satisfying results. Online advertisers have a short time frame to captivate this demanding audience. That’s why social media is the most ideal tool to customize and push a message out to the masses quickly.


Social media is increasingly becoming the chosen platform for consumers to display their loyalty to their favorite brands and products, and also recognize companies for a job well done. People may share their experiences on social media to call companies out for a poor product, execution, or service. They also praise companies in hopes for future discount. Negatively or positively, consumers are talking online.

The influence of Millennials is changing the landscape of advertising. Marketers are moving away from the traditional standard banner advertising to reach this always-on audience that’s constantly sharing their lives on social media. Online advertising agencies will continue to up their creative game, hoping to create lasting—and profitable—relationships with the flourishing millennial population.