VP, General Manager

Mark Glatzhofer is VP, General Manager at MNI Targeted Media Inc., a Time Inc. company, and its two business units, MNI and Targeted Media Health. Targeted Media Health focuses on health care related communications in doctors’ offices, via print media and on digital channels, to foster patient education and well-informed medical decisions. MNI specializes in multimedia, targeted advertising, in more than 40 prestigious national magazines, and partners with top-tier national and local online media brands to deliver highly targeted online and mobile campaigns.


Mark joined MNI as Vice President, General Manager, in 2002, after a long and successful career at Time Inc.  He oversees the Finance, Business, Operations, Manufacturing, Human Resources and Facilities Departments. At MNI, Mark was instrumental to the launch of new products in the Family, Hispanic, and Healthy Living, and Beauty packages, as well as to the complicated transition of TMI into MNI. Mark discovers and implements new ABC requirements and procedures, and developed a new compensation plan to pay for performance. Mark has introduced a new system for financial and sales reporting, and streamlined processes in finance and operations.


Prior to joining MNI, Mark managed various finance and operations departments at Fortune, FSB, Time and Money, more than once creating efficiencies that saved the company over $1 million.  He also brought selective binding to the first Time Inc. publication and reduced ad close from six to four weeks.


Mark graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in finance, and lives in Stamford, CT.


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