Our digital intelligence delivers actionable insights.

Consumers demand personalized content. You can guarantee a dynamic user
experience with comprehensive data that helps you pinpoint your precise audience.


We know big data is important. Our big data solution, DataMatch, helps you understand your audience by leveraging proprietary first-party data from our homegrown technology, Omnipoint, plus online and offline data.


DataMatch merges these insights with data from over 7,000 mobile apps and extensive offline data, to analyze and give insights into a target audience built from individuals, on channels where they are most likely to engage.


We give you a truly end-to-end profile of the individual users who make up your best audience, and a vertical solution for deterministic, one-to-one, cross-platform campaigns.

Data Management Solutions

Businesses run on data. Our Data Management Solutions analyze and deliver faster, smarter insights using a Data Management Platform (DMP). These reliable, actionable insights connect brands with the audiences they seek.


Not all third-party data providers are created equal. Our partners are proven industry leaders, who deliver the insights and technology
that are the foundation of successful campaign strategy.